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Meet Beankeeper2 ~ the best decision a small business can make!

If you run a small business, your most important asset is your time. And the biggest demand on it? The time you spend running your business. Especially as it grows. That's how beankeeper came to be. Software that helps save time and money and gives you the information immediately you need it, at the click of a mouse. Built by people who understand and run small businesses, beankeeper2 is software that works as well for creative entreprenuers as it does for suits and accountants. A package that stores your beans for the future as well as counting them in the present.

Beankeeper2 core features

  • Easy to use systems and accounting management tool.
  • Universal. Runs on both PCs and Macs
  • Created and qualified by Filemaker pro, Apple's world class relational database builder.
  • Low outlay - £72 for beankeeeper2, £322 for Filemaker pro and beankeeper2 bundle.
  • No subscription.
  • No contract commitments.
  • Plenty of support.
  • Autosave and auto backup on exit.

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Beankeeper2 offers so many ways to help!

  • Personalised screens and documents.
  • Screens for Contacts, Rates and Prices, Sales, Jobs, Projects, Purchase Orders, Invoices, Statements, Banking.
  • Over 60 reports with print or pdf output.
  • Digital asset library.
  • Powerful search function.
  • Print or pdf customiseable price lists with images, prices and description.
  • Prepare estimates or quotes. Pdf them to your desktop and e-mail out to customers.
  • Run jobs. Send out Purchase Orders. Action cash sales and create reciepts.
  • Raise invoices. Keep track of outstanding unpaid invoices. Send statements with customisable messages.

Use beankeeper2 to plan the future!

  • Customisable nominal code categories to create accounts layouts that fit your business.
  • Profit reports by job or trading, by any period you choose.
  • Quarterly trading Tax analysis for VAT (UK version, IVA for EU, sales tax for US).
  • Bank analysis to help with cash flow planning.
  • As you build your business, enables year on year comparisons.

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Up hill or down dale!

  • Local version runs on laptop or desktop to work where you are.
  • Network version* runs over internet on iPad or iPhone via free Filemaker Go app.
  • Includes second user licence** for bookkeeper data entry with limited access ability.
  • Stores itself as records are committed, backs itself up on exit.

*Requires Beankeeper bespoke service at extra cost. **More licences can be purchased.

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All kinds of Beankeepers, all kinds of beans.

  • Works with Service or product companies.
  • Users include agencies, consultants, restaurants, designers, freelancers, home service companies.
  • Currency options are £, $, € or blank.