Paperwork just got addictive.

All the software you need to run a business is now only £29.99.
No extras. No subscriptions . No worries.

Unlock your business potential with the Beankeeper app.®

Beankeeper® is a standalone app that manages your business data. Whether it's production, sales, project management, contacts, sales and purchase ledgers, tax analysis and bank reconciliation - Beankeeper does it all - from one easy to understand interface dashboard.


Built with Apple's world class database engine Filemaker pro® with over 120 screens and reports, Beankeeper is simple, easy and, yes, shout it loud, fun!

All the features a small business needs...

Over 100 reports and screens

Beankeeper provides all the tools a small business needs to operate effectively and efficiently .

There are a lot - so click here to open a pdf list of Beankeeper's user features and benefits or take a look at the gallery to see some of the screens that drive it.

...at a price a small business can easily afford!

Created by people who understand that SMEs have to make every penny work, Beankeeper is designed to be inexpensive. A one time payment of £29.99 gets you everything. No add ons, no subscriptions, no hidden hooks. Just buy it and it's yours forever.

Easy, intuitive and secure...

Beankeeper is simple to navigate and understand. It checks your entries for errors, instantly saves it and backs itself up when you quit. Linked to a cloud storage system it's the safest way possible of looking after your data.

...to save you money and understand your growing business!

As you enter your business data, you broaden your understanding of how your company works - and because you're making your accountants' lives easier - they should reduce their fees!

Cross platform

Beankeeper v4 has been built for Mac 10.12 and above and Windows 10 (64-bit). If you're running an earlier OS please check with us for a compatible version .

Both OS systems

For those of you who need another flavour (or flavor)?

Euro version UK version USD version

Because of local sales tax differences, the Beankeeper.app is currently only available in a UK version.

However we are keen to develop international verxions with Filemaker developers around the world- so if that sounds like you - please get in touch with us to discuss. Meantime we can offer a USD or Euro version with limited tax reporting - please contact us for more details.

Full support

Free instruction manual you can what's app us

Beankeeper comes with a complete 55 page manual. If that doesn't give you what you need, you can eMail support@beankeeper.biz . We'll get back to you quickly and, if we think you need it, demonstrate by posting a video solution on our You Tube channel. The hive is there to help!


Is there a trial version?

Afraid not. Beankeeper represents real value for money and we think you'll love it. If, inside a month, you decide that's not the case then let us know, sign a destruction notice and we'll give you a full refund. Simple as that. You've paid by PayPal so you're totally protected. Besides, isn't your business worth £29.99?

What's in the box?

We send you a .zip file via WeTransfer. Unpack it and this is what you'll find:

Beankeeper Box

The app, the manual, the EULA (licence) agreement, a ReadMe quick start sheet, the full features sheet and a short set up video.

How easy is Beankeeper?

A lot easier than starting a business. You've done the hard part - Beankeeper makes the next step a lot simpler.

What kind of data can I store in Beankeeper?

Anything digital. Data, Word Docs, pdf files, images and movies. You can, for instance, store payment advice notes with purchase invoices, photographs with contacts and notes and instructions with your projects.

How secure is Beankeeper?

Very. When you exit any field the data is instantly saved. Beankeeper updates a full safety, backup copy of your whole data on your desktop each time you quit it. Throw it into a cloud system like Dropbox, iCloud or Google and your data is even safer.

What reports does Beankeeper produce?

Everything you need to run a small business. Simple price lists, estimates or quotes, purchase orders, project analysis, lists, sales invoices and credit notes, cash receipts, statements, bank statements, profit and loss analysis, VAT returns and printouts of your nominal ledgers for all your accounts reconciliations.

I have specific needs. Can Beankeeper be customised?

The Beankeeper app is designed to be inexpensive and is not customisable. However, the Beankeeper plug in for Filemaker pro is capable of being tailored to suit any business, security or user needs required. See our bespoke page for more details.

How will Beankeeper save me money?

Use it properly and you'll be more efficient and understand your business better. You'll know what's in your bank, what stage your jobs are at, who owes you what and how much you owe. How profitable you are. How much tax you owe. Print all the reports at the end of the year and you'll save money on your accountancy bills. People will ask you questions you actually know the answers to. You'll sleep better, sell more, grow richer.

Who are you?

Filemaker Business Alliance Certificate

We're a proud small company designing databases for 10 years. We're also members of the Filemaker Business Alliance and therefore dedicated to Apple quality professional standards.

But don't take our word for it...


Casting Director

"Beankeeper handles my invoicing and jobs - it makes me look more professional and stops the end of year tax return being a nightmare - and I know there's a lot more it can do..."

Property manager

"I use Beankeeper to log every booking, keep track of payments and issue receipts and invoices. It's great, stores every detail and sorts out all my expenses for the accountant."

Film Production Company.

"We use Beankeeper for everything from issuing purchase orders to running major productions and storing the details on all our digital assets. Beankeeper handles it all and saves us a lot of money on our accountant's bills."

How to buy Beankeeper

Single licence Beankeeper £29.99

One Beankeeper licence per purchase. One click. No commitment, no upgrade path, everything you need, one price.

Clicking "Buy Now" will take you through to our secure, guaranteed, PayPal site.
Which system?

Please note that we are not registered for VAT so no tax is charged or is re-claimable.

About Us

We are a small, dedicated team working in the county of Rutland, England. Beankeeper Ltd. is a member of the Filemaker Business alliance (FBA) and Beankeeper is a recognised Filemaker Pro solution.

Any questions? Contact us for more information

Beankeeper Ltd.
58 High Street East
Uppingham, Rutland LE15 9PZ
E: hello@beankeeper.biz
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