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Welcome to Beankeeper!

Beankeeper is a software plug in for Apple's Filemaker pro that will, in the words of one of our clients, "Change. Your. Life."

Qualified by Apple, Beankeeper enables small businesses to enable systems previously only usually available together on much more expensive packages - and often not all in the same place. CRM, Workflow, time sheets, invoicing, credit control and both bought and sales ledger control means now every business can act like a blue chip one.

Add in a full range of reports including spend and sales analysis, bank receipts and payments, tax analysis and job and company profit analysis and you can begin to realise the potential of this world class help.

Beankeeper comes in two flavours:

Beankeeper v2, full Beankeeping functionality, at an off the shelf price for a simple, economical, arrangement. And if you aren't already one of Filemakers happy users, you can buy it through us at a very favourable discount - so in some ways, your beankeeper is almost free!

Alternatively if you need greater detail, different levels of security or more than 67 reports, you can have your Beankeeper personalised via Beankeeper Bespoke. Our years invested in solving those tricky business database building skills at your disposal at a fraction of the cost. We'll quote you a fee for the amends - so you know exactly how much up front.

Or if you prefer, we're happy to quote to create your own management reporting software. From the ground up, exactly as you want it. No matter the challenge there is a version of our relational databases that will meet it - and we will create that version!

Anyway you decide, once you decide, your business will become more efficient and you will have a better understanding of why it is.

Ten years in the making, you can now get the benefit of our experience and apply it to your business for a fraction of the price it would cost you to develop and test something similar. Beankeeper. It really is that good. Run through the web site. Any questions, ping us an e-mail.