Beankeeper FAQs

How secure is Beankeeper?

The first time you open Beankeeper it asks you to change the Beankeeper password to one of your own choice. From that point on it will only open with that password.

Each time you close Beankeeper, it stores an up to date backup file on your desktop, dated. These can be transferred to an external archive or a cloud for restoration in the event of an unforeseen disaster.

What happens if it crashes? Say after a power cut?

If you've installed it correctly, then the worst case scenario is that you might lose the data you input on that last session. You re-open Beankeepeer and everything prior to the crash session should be there. However, if it isn't - there is a back up plan. Guard the desktop safet file and let us know and for £10 we'll send you a new Beankeeper that will import all your safety data.

Will it run on an iPad or an iPhone?

We are working on an Xcode version for launch later this year or early next. Presently it is possible to run the safety copy - which can be transferred to both via iTunes and then run through Filemaker Go, which can be added free from the app store. There are downloadable instructions on our web site on how to dd the data file. However, running Beankeeper on iOS may limit some functionality. Beankeeper is designed for a laptop and we believe this is it's best home, as certainly an iPhone is probably too small a screen to be able to preview all of the great things Beankeeper does.

Does Beankeeper work on Windows?

Yes it does, but we currently don't have an installer for it for Windows. Watch this space. In the meantime, if you need a Windows version, let us know.

Are there international versions?

We would like to work with international distributors and welcome approaches. In the meantime we can offer basic US$ and EU€ versions where currency symbols and tax headings are localised. However, in line with the UK there is only one tax system - Sales tax in the US and IVA in Europe.

If you need an international version, please enquire.

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