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The back office business software that keeps you in front.
Just £10
"Beankeeper saved my life!"
- Lizzie, wedding photograher.
"So easy! I love it."
- Debbie, lettings consultant.
"It's my best friend. I have Beankeeper open all day."
- Melanie, film producer.

What is Beankeeper?

Beankeeper is a low cost, simple to use database driven accountancy and systems app for Macs that helps freelancers and SMEs run their businesses more efficiently.


Beankeeper is a stand alone programme that stores the data generated by every facet of of a business, analyses it and then outputs it into tables and forms that provide immediate information to run and understand exactly how that business is performing.

We think of it as a sort of Swiss Army knife for independent entrpreneurs.


Why do I need it?

Because it turns one of these
into one of these

If you're in business, or thinking of starting a business, you need a system. To keep tabs on clients, projects, purchases, expenses, mileage, billing, account statements and profitability. And banking. And tax. You could use a lot of expensive software to do that. Or find yourself being committed to a long term contract with back end strings attached. Or, for a very small fee, just one easy to understand app. Beankeeper.

How did it come about?

Primarily, Beankeeper was created to get things going. It was built for a commercials production company that looked at the alternatives and didn't feel that they fitted. So they comissioned their own. The freelancers they worked with saw how easy it was to become efficient and liked it. Beankeeper was born.Over the years we developed it to do more, to the point where it was handling everthing on our system from accounts to distribution. Later we worked with the IT faculty of Leicester University who obtaiend an EU grant to investigate making Beankeeper more accessible and user friendly.

Beankeeper has always been used by creative people. Photographers, web designers, graphic artists, musicians and film makers are all members of the hive. But Beankeeper will also look after builders, decorators, plumbers and electicians have found Beankeeper makes their lives easier. And small business like restaurants, furniture designers and property letting agents use it. Even a horse ranch in Wyoming has a Beankeeper.


What can it do?

Pretty much everything you'll need for a long time. Go to our screenshots page and take a look at a few or download our "Beankeeper Features pdf". Or compare the list below and consider the cost.

Sage Accountant

Cost: £12+VAT per month

Taken from the Sage web site

  • Create and send invoices
  • Track what you’re owed
  • Automatic bank reconciliation
  • Calculate and submit VAT
  • Supports one user


Cost: £10 outright
  • Create and send invoices
  • Manage cash sales, purchases, expenses and banking
  • Track what you’re owed
  • Manual bank reconciliation
  • Calculate VAT & Tax liability
  • Supports one user at a time
  • Keep track of customers, suppliers and staff
  • Creates price lists, estimates and quotes
  • Run jobs with real-time profitability and document and file storage
  • Keeps a digital asset library
  • Issues Purchase Orders
  • Manages job / time worksheets and adds in-house costs to jobs
  • Gives real time job profit / loss position
  • Full search capability
  • Provides real time profit and loss by any period with YTD and last 12 month functions
  • Outputs to excel sheets for audit trails
  • Saves back up copy at exit

What support is there?

Although Beankeeper is very straightforward to use, we haven't taken anything for granted. All the main screens have "Help" buttons that take the user to the correct place in the on-line manual. There is also a downloadable pdf version of that manual, which is also fully searchable. We are working on demo tutorials on our YouTube channel and we'll be adding to them. And if you still need help, e-mail with screen shots and we'll advise you directly.

£10? Really?

Really. That's it. There are no "in-app" purchases, no subscriptions, no locking in to an accountancy firm. No hidden extras, no catches. So for just one month's subscription to other software suppliers entry level package, you get a package that offers far more. Everything you need to run your business, your way with no strings or chains attached. We know it's cheaper than the competition. But we want you to love it, like we do. And we don't think it's just about the money, we think it's about building a future.

And this year, more than ever, we need to feel good about the future.


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